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This is the home of Franklin Veaux, a writer, computer consultant, polyamory and BDSM activist, sex educator, and sometimes amateur photographer. Over the years, I've built a more or less inadvertent Web empire, and this is the page that brings all my various Web sites together.

A great deal of what I write is on the topic of polyamory. I also write rather a lot about BDSM, transhumanism, personal philosophy, science, skepticism, Macintosh troubleshooting, computer security, spam, and rather a lot of other stuff besides.

Much of what I write is intended for a reasonably mature audience. Most of the Sprawling Web Empire is distinctly not work-safe.

I also own Obsidian Fields, the parent company of Symtoys and Villain Tees, two of my business ventures. Villain Tees makes counterculture T-shirts; Symtoys is the home of my sex game Onyx, and the popular posters of the Map of Human Sexuality. This site is the ecommerce hub for both of those.

Here you can find out a lot about me and about the Sprawling Web Empire. If you're a reasonably mature adult, I invite you to look around!