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I've been blogging since 2001. In that time, I've written thousands of articles on topics ranging from photography to relationships science to sex to computer security to cats. You can find my blog here; please note that it contains material which is frequently irreverent and sometimes not safe for work.

Rather than simply re-post my existing blog on this page, I've placed links to some of the more popular blog entries.

Science, Technology, and Rationality

Thoughts on government funding for research Why it matters, and why "fiscal conservatives" get it wrong
What is science appropriation? Misusing science jargon for woo and pseudoscience
Science Literacy: Of Pickles and Probability How to evaulate a scientific study
Transhumanism, Technology, and the da Vinci Effect The pace of breakthroughs
How to Tell When Something Isn't Science A primer
Thoughts on Bioethics and Self Self-determinism in a technological age
Biochemistry & Sex...and Hey, Multiple Orgasms! The chemistry of sexual arousal
Complexity and Human Consciousness The self as a reflexive state machine
Anti-Intellectualism and Science Misconceptions about evolution and poor analytical skills
Some Thoughts on Evolution How it works, and is still working on humans
What does it mean to succeed? Junk DNA and Lorem Ipsum filler text
Some Thoughts on Entropy Entropy as the key to an interesting universe
Franklin gets cranky about anti-intelectualism, fairy dust, and the demon-haunted world
Personhood theory And why switching off a smart AI is murder
In Defense of the Human Species And why folks who see only our destruction are wrong


Thoughts on Sex Positivity What does "sex positive" really mean, anyway?
Thoughts on Sex Negativity And the moral myopia it represents
Sexual Double Standards and Complicity And why women engage in slut-shaming
Objectification and Porn And why sexual objectification isn't what you think it is
Tattoos, Porn, & Respect for Women If you say "tramp stamp," you're part of the problem
The Stupification of a Generation Porn isn't the problem; lack of critical reasoning skill is


What Liberals and Conservatives Fear And where they intersect
Polyamory and Privilege And magical unicorns, oh my!
Analysis of User-Generated Replies to Porn Stories of Non-Consensual Sex
Map of Non-Monogamy There are more kinds than you think
Group Sex Meets Information Theory Who knew groups could be complicated?
Tracking the Unicorn Flowchart for finding a hot bisexual woman
The Map of Human Sexuality Possibly my most famous blog post
Let's Talk Sex Transaction analysis and self-worth are not what sex is about
Thoughts on Being Lucky You lhave a kinky girlfriend? You're lucky! No, no luck involved

Mad Science

Adopting the Brain's Plasticity A sex toy you can actually feel
Sex for Science! Making a Brainwave-Controlled Sex Toy (part 0 of 6)
The Mathematics of Sex Toys Engineering Endless Stimulation

Movie Reviews
Irreverent, humorous, and strangely-written. May contain spoilers.

Snowpiercer The best low-budget sci-fi allegory about classism and economic repression whose characters are faced with losing body parts and whose plot involves ice that's ever been set on a train
Captain America: The Winter Wonderland I'd be nervous about using tungsten as a food-preparation surface
Pacific Rim Despite your violent tendencies, the only thing you've managed to break so far is my arm
Elysium Think of them as...a giant collective Mechanical Turk that takes care of all our needs
Star Trek Into Plot Holes That's like some sort of technological feudal system without even the redeeming grace of noblesse oblige
The Sun Also Rises on the Dark Knight (with Catwoman) Does nobody who worked on this movie ever read fucking Wikipedia, for fuck's sake?
Prometheus (as it Was, in a Parallel Universe where it Didn't Suck)Holy crap this is a bad situation
Snow White and the Huntsman Some really long hair or an enchanted talking candlestick or something would really be useful right about now
The Avengers
The PLOT DEVICE emits a sudden surge of PLOT
The Hunger Ga^w^w^wPrometheus (as it Should Have Been)
Something really bad happens
Rise of the Planet of the Apes I say, you're all a bunch of bloody useless fucking apes
Cowboys & Aliens He fixes the ALIEN SPACESHIP with a STEELY GAZE
Skyline I want to get eaten by a space monster now
Inception I don't even know what you just said
Iron Man 2 I don't like your paperweight
Watchmen The Comics Code Authority can go stuff itself
The Happening An open letter to M. Night Shaymalan
Cloverfield Nobody in the theater actually got sick